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Chapter 04

After a lapse of time, the inhabitants of Úsov were honoured with the presence of the noble Prince A., to whom they were all subject. But on that occasion it was not merely a simple visit that he paid: he came to Úsov by order of the chiefs of the Tribunal, as a commissioner, to call before him the plaintiffs as well as the defendants in this case; to listen to their pleas and pass them on to the Tribunal so that they might be able to justify the righteous and condemn the wicked.

This commission was promptly executed by the noble Prince. The antagonists once more faced each other; once more the citizens, bold of face, gave the lie to the pleaders of the “poor people”. Once more the voice of truth was choked by its adversary, and once more the majority conquered the timid, sheepish majority. The pleas were heard, every single word was written down and sent in to the Court.

And this was the result:-

All those who thrust themselves into the domain of others and abused the owners: who wormed themselves into the Holy of Holies of others and desecrated and defiled it: who on the most sacred day, at the most solemn moment, disturbed, reviled and blasphemed – all these came out triumphant, and had the whip-hand. And with derision they eyed their victims. And all the ill-fated, the afflicted, the accursed; those whose temple was turned into a den of brawlers, whose holy supplications were mocked at, who were so zealous for the sake of the Lord of Hosts – all these were trodden underfoot, and left the court with sinking hearts and dejected mien.

The noble prince, before he left Úsov for Olomouc, set the citizens free, and the four aged Jewish leaders he sentenced to prison until decision should come from the Tribunal.

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