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Chapter 15

About four years after the destruction of the Synagogue and the banishment of the four Jews as related above, the curse uttered against the protagonists in these events took effect. Proper punishments were meted out as follows:-

1. The priest was promoted to a town about a mile and a half from Úsov, where his income was twice as much as he had had in Úsov. There, however, he was seized with paralysis, and after being confined to his bed for a year, he died in great agony.

2. The assistant priest, the cause of all the trouble that befell us, went mad, and tramped from village to village in his vain search for a place of rest.

3. The woman employed by the Synagogue to trim the candles, who had rushed about the street on that Day of Atonement crying “Murder!” was also struck down in her prime.

4. The labourers who had turned into beasts on the walls had their legs contracted and had to use crutches till God in his mercy delivered them from this life of misery.

And the others who mocked and scoffed at the Jews were also stricken with disgusting diseases and died in their prime of life. While that “Vinegar the child of Wine” (bad son of a good father) was punished with direst poverty and had to beg his bread from door to door. One night, when in a strange place, he suddenly cried “My head! My poor head!” and presently he was no more. No tears were shed at his going, and he was buried without funeral rites on a pathway, so that all who pass to and from the cemetery must tread on his grave.

The blasphemers and perjurers having been smitten by the Finger of God, the gentiles visited the Jewish houses full of sorrow and contrition at what had befallen the community.

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