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Chapter 24

But as regards the removal of our disabilities, the Tribunal did not intend to oppose the Consistory any more and draw upon themselves the Royal displeasure. They therefore ruled that Úsov was not a Synagogue town, and was therefore subject to the following prohibitions:-

1. The congregation must not read from the Scrolls, whether on week-days, Sabbaths or Festivals.

2. They must nor preach in public, or read any discourses on the Law.

3. They must not arrange nuptial ceremonies in Úsov, but may resort for such purpose to a town with a synagogue.

4. No more than ten persons may assemble for prayers on the same day, whether in one house or in more than one house.

5. Women and children must be counted in the said number ten.

6. The members shall have no permanent right to seats in the house or worship, nor shall the house contain either a holy ark or scrolls (since they are not allowed to read from the scrolls). Nor may they contain chandeliers or praying stands such as are used in synagogues.

7. Children may not be circumcised in Úsov, but may be taken for circumcision to the nearest town where the practice is permitted.

Thus by the decree of H.M. the Queen Maria Theresa, our town was reduced to the rank of a town without synagogue. But the congregation was exempted from any fine for having infringed the law before, as the community was ignorant of the right interpretation of the Decree; and also because it was already burdened with heavy taxation, both Imperial and local, for some of which they were in arrears.

But any fines incurred in the future would be strictly enforced.

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