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Chapter 32

My brother-in-law then went to Brno to receive our “Charter” from the Tribunal. He also obtained permission to use the materials left from the old synagogue for building the new house of worship. He arrived home on the 14th day of Nisan.

I was appointed overseer for the building. With the aid of geometry I measured the ground and planned the proportions of the structure to be erected, its exterior and interior; and was very careful to see that the workmen should not deviate in any way from the nine points I had written. My brother-in-law was appointed treasurer, and had charge of buying material, hiring workmen and paying wages. All this we undertook to the great inconvenience and neglect of our own affairs, but felt it our duty to complete this religious and benevolent work which we had begun seven months before.

In the month of Iyar in the year 5513 (1752 AD) the foundation of the House of God was laid. And although it was of considerable size, for it included the Rabbi’s house and measured 107 ells to the west, besides an additional wing of 20 ells, yet we were able to finish it in about five months.

And we employed 6 masons, 4 labourers, 2 day-labourers for digging sand etc., 4 carpenters and 3 cabinet-makers. Their daily wages amounted to 7 gulden. Their pay, together with the expenditure on material like glass for the windows, partition boards etc. brought the amount up to 1700 gulden.

We were able to expend thus great sum through the munificence of private individuals in Vienna, such as Rabbi Zalmon Ginzheim, who contributed out of his own pocket the sum of 220 gulden. Also, from the 700 gulden with which we had started our petitions, as related above, we were able to bring back several hundred gulden – this, too, through the magnanimity of our friends in Vienna, Brno and Olomouc, who paid many of our expenses from their own pockets. We also received donations from neighbouring towns, and got wood and bricks from the Duke on credit.

All these benefactions enabled us, a poor community, to complete our House of Worship in so short a time. And it was ready for consecration a few days before Rosh Hashanah.

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